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Armies for Kids 2015 Gets Underway

| October 19, 2014

For the past several years, the HAWKs have been putting together painted armies, running games for kids at Historicon, and giving the painted armies away to the kids (ten and under).  The first year we gave away AWI armies.  In other years we’ve given away Seven Years War, Napoleonic, and Civil War armies.  This year [...]

Terrain for 10mm WWII

| October 14, 2014

Usually a year or two ahead of rule development I start painting figures and building terrain so that when we start to work on the rules, we have something with which to play test. The vehicle in the foreground is a 10mm science fiction vehicle for scale.  I recycled some packing material.  One held a [...]

Not Quite Seven Years War in 10mm

| October 14, 2014

Rob Dean has been running Not Quite Seven Years War games in 54mm with home-cast figures for years.  A little over a year ago, Chris Palmer got the idea of doing it in 10mm with some variant of the Look, Sarge, No Charts rules.  As I had the day off today, I finished several units. [...]

More Air Support for My Female Hussar Force

| October 13, 2014

I have often said that much of the Warhammer 40K stuff looks more Victorian Science Fiction than “hard core” science fiction.  I have a few Warhammer vehicles that I have added some smokestacks and other bits to make into vehicles for GASLIGHT.  I have a hard time investing $50 for a single, unpainted model, but [...]

Bear Yourselves Valiantly will be available soon

| September 22, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we sent the files for BYV off to the publisher, On Military Matters.  Last weekend we reviewed two test specimens.  I tweaked the .pdf files as a result of reviewing these proofs and sent them back to On Military Matters.  These should be hitting the streets very soon.

Gaming at War Horse Farm

| September 22, 2014

In previous posts I’ve written about events at which the HAWKs have support Senior Leader Professional Development events and gaming days at Sam Fuson’s War Horse Farm.  One of the unit’s members is heading off to the career course, and as a going away event he requested that we run a Look, Sarge, No Charts: [...]

Blood and LARP at Barrage 2014

| September 14, 2014

As Barrage 2014 was winding down, we set up a “barroom” ala Blood and Swash for some semi-LARP-ing.  The basic idea was to replicate the pirate tavern brawls and Jennifer, Chris, and I run using Blood and Swash with the HAWKs as the figures.  Note in the picture above that we used foam koozies as [...]

Barrage 2014 Was Another Huge Success

| September 14, 2014

“Argh!” Geoff says, “If you did’t attend Barrage, you’re a scurvy bilge rat!” Barrage 2014 was another major success.  We had a record or near-record number of attendees and 16 tables full of game that ran from 0900 until after 2100.  Again Age of Glory and On Military Matters came and set up dealer tables. [...]


| September 11, 2014

The design of the cards for G.A.M.E.R. is mature enough that I wanted professionally printed decks for continued play testing.  I set them all up in the correct template and sent them off to Superior POD to be printed.   We had an early glitch in which I need to make some corrections to the [...]

Reaper Bones Sci Fi Figures

| September 11, 2014

I mentioned in an earlier post that last weekend I had started a couple f painting projects.  One was to paint up the Reaper Bones science fiction figures that were part of the Bones I Kickstarter.  For me, these are meant to be opponents for the Aliens-like space marines. I suppose these figures are meant [...]