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Colonel TicToc’s Regiment

| December 11, 2019

Despite a lot of business travel and preparations to move households, I managed to complete another regiment of Ozz figures from Blue Moon. This is Colonel TicToc’s regiment. These will be released for sale in March. In the meantime, development of the Wars of Ozz rules continues apace. This regiment is missing the mounted Colonel […]

First Unit of Blue Moon Munchkins: Colonel Hardsole’s Regiment

| December 1, 2019

I have been collaborating with Old Glory to produce a set of rules, The Wars of Ozz, to go along with the beautiful new line of figures that will be hitting the market in the Spring. Most of the testing has been with ersatz figures, but recently I received some pre-production figures of four Munchkin […]

Stuff I Did This Weekend

| October 20, 2019

This was an unusually hobby-filled weekend. Friday night was HAWKs club night. I hosted another play test of the Wars of Ozz rules for Old Glory on Saturday. On Sunday, I painted some figures that have been staring at me on the painting table for a while. I have been working on a set of […]

More Johnny Quest

| October 1, 2019

Greg found the STL files for the Johnny Quest spider on Thingaverse (I think), and he printed one for me.  I think we’ll try to double the size of the next print, but I think it looks really cool.

Combat Patrol(TM) at Southern Front

| September 25, 2019

Les ran a Combat Patrol(TM) game last weekend at the Southern Front convention.  The tables looks great.  Les said it was the first time he’d run the game at a convention, and that it went very well.  Many of the folks in the pictures have played in my Combat Patrol(TM) games in the past, so […]

Johnny Quest

| September 23, 2019

I finished these this evening.

Barrage is Just Five Days Away

| September 23, 2019

A productive weekend!

| September 22, 2019

My daughter and CINC Domicile (my wife) our away this weekend on a girl road trip, so I have had the house to myself.  I started with the HAWKs club night on Friday where Chris and I ran a Feudal Patrol(TM) game while Eric ran a play test of his Fall In Napoleonic game. The […]

Sally Forth Jousting Barriers

| September 17, 2019

I was gone most of the weekend, but my daughter helped finish these jousting barriers while I was gone. I got a copy of the jousting rules used by Brian De Witt to run his jousting game in the HAWKs Battle in a Box contest.  I finished printing and cutting up the cards and lining […]

Italian Renaissance Figures

| September 9, 2019

This was a rare weekend at home in which I was able to play games AND paint figures.  Given the amount of travel I have had to do for work, it was fun to focus a fair amount of the weekend to my hobby.  I have had a pack of figures from Eureka that are […]