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Recently Painted Stuff

| December 11, 2017

I recently received these space worms from Hydra Miniatures.  I really like them.  Service from Hydra was excellent. When I work them into a Combat Patrol game, I may give them the ability to burrow through the ground and come up behind the enemy. I also ordered these ducks from New Zealand.  I really like […]

Event List for Barrage Almost Full

| December 11, 2017

The event listing for Barrage 2017 (which will be held January 19 and 20, 2018) is nearly full.  We can handle a couple more Friday and Saturday games, but if you take a look at the Web page, you will see many great events. Go to the Web page, www.hawks-barrage.org, and create an account.  Then […]

Space Ducks Get Heavy Weapon Support

| December 6, 2017

I found these two duck figures (with the white helmets) at Walmart last week.  They are from a line of metal figures with various Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel subjects.  This one is GizmoDuck, apparently from the animated series, Duck Tales.  They are quite large, but I think they look pretty good as heavy support […]

Barrage Events Listing is Filling Up

| December 1, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to participate is this terrific local convention, now two-action packed days of gaming! You can see the outstanding lineup of games by looking here:  https://www.hawks-barrage.org/games/ TWO Flames of War tournaments!  An ADLG tournament!  Many vendors.  Great games!  This is a great way to recover from the holidays. There are many kid-friendly […]

Barrage is Getting Closer; the Event List is Filling Up

| November 26, 2017

Barrage planning and preparations continue.  Barrage 2017 will be held 19-20 January 2018.  (Yes, Barrage 2017 will be held in January 2018.)  Our inclement weather day will be the following weekend. Take a look at www.hawks-barrage.org to see all the great games on offer.  While the schedule is filling up, there is room for more […]

Combat Patrol(TM) Science Fiction

| November 23, 2017

Last weekend, my buddy Dave and I drove up to Massachusetts to visit another buddy, Mark (“Ma’k”) for a day of gaming.   Dave, Mark, and I used to game at West Point.  Mark has recently gotten back into gaming, and we used this as a chance to push some lead, swap old war stories, […]

Barrage 2017 is just over two months away

| November 14, 2017

Barrage 2017 will be held 19-20 January 2018 in Havre de Grace, Maryland. In case of inclement weather, our snow days for Barrage 2017 are 26-27 January. The game schedule is filling with excellent games.  New games and game masters are registering every day.  Drop by the site frequently for updates. See www.hawks-barrage.org for more […]

Registration for Barrage 2017 is Open

| November 8, 2017

www.hawks-barrage.org Registration for Barrage 2017 is open. Barrage 2017 will be held on 19-20 January, 2018. Yes, that’s right, Barrage 2017 will be held in January 2018 due to a venue conflict. Registration is now open, and we need prospective GMs and attendees to go to the Web page and register. Barrage 2017 continues to […]

Barrage Game Master Premium

| October 29, 2017

I ordered a bunch of compact tape measures to give to game masters at Barrage.  Today I made mockups of the tables that will be stuck to the two sides.  I think they will be a nice gift.  

The Starship Shmootar

| October 29, 2017

Over the past several months I have occasionally posted pictures of works in progress for the space ship I am building for Combat Patrol(TM) science fiction skirmish games.  After finishing up some additional “furniture,” I assembled what I have completed and took a couple of pictures. I have been building rooms from Depron, which is […]