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Saw More of the West

| August 30, 2010

After visiting Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower we headed across the Rocky Mountains to Yellowstone National Park.  The first night we stayed in the Mammoth Springs Lodge.  The room was VERY small and had a bathroom down the hall.  The Mammoth springs were very fascinating.  As the steam and water push their way to the […]

Seeing Still More of the West

| August 11, 2010

Yesterday, 10 August, we headed set out after a really nice continental breakfast at the K Bar S lodge. Our first destination was Devil’s Tower, WY.  We were worried about getting into the park.  There is a huge motorcycle rally going on this week in Sturgis, nearby.  Apparently up to 500,000 bikers show up for […]

Seeing the West

| August 10, 2010

After returning home in July, I spent a couple of weeks getting settled into my new job, meeting people in my new organization, and doing battle with the IT folks.  (After three weeks, they still haven’t gotten my Email working properly!)  I didn’t go directly on vacation, because 1) the kids were in a series […]