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The Six-Barreled Colt-Webly Semi-Autmoatic Shotgun

| March 6, 2011

From a previous post, you know that I’ve been working on some props for an upcoming GASLIGHT photo shoot.  One of the props I’ve been working on is this six-barreled, Colt-Webly shotgun. The high mounting of the ammunition magazine makes it difficult to aim.  The weapon is designed to be fire by a heavy man […]

Additional Pictures from the OPD

| March 6, 2011

A couple of posts back, I mentioned an Officer Professional Development (OPD) Chris, Sam, Ed, and I ran for the 114th Signal.  I posed a couple of pictures.  This weekend Sam gave me a disk of photos taken by the battalion’s official photographer. The group photo was taken right after Chris and I arrived before […]

LSNC Game with 1:72 Figures

| March 6, 2011

Yesterday, Sam Fuson (who set up the OPD with the 114th Signal) invited a bunch of us to his house to play a scenario he wrote using LSNC.  The situation involved an ahistorical combined US/German attack on the Russians right after WWII.  The “allies” (US and Germans) had to cross the Elbe and attack a […]