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Compendium PDF to be Released Early

| April 29, 2011

Our early announcements about the impending release of The GASLIGHT Compendium have generated a lot of interest in the book.  By popular demand, we’ve decided to move AHEAD the release of the PDF version of The GASLIGHT Compendium to 18 May, instead of 1 June as previously announced.  When was the last time you heard […]

GASLIGHT Merchandise Available!

| April 25, 2011

By popular demand, we have decided to make available merchandise with The GASLIGHT Compendium cover art and with many of our promotional posters featuring “The GASLIGHT Girl.”  This merchandise is available from http://www.zazzle.com/gaslightstore.  There is also a link to the merchandise on the GASLIGHT Web page: http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T..html Merchandise includes T-shirts with the front cover of […]

More Posters for The GASLIGHT Compendium

| April 21, 2011

We’ve been having fun taking some of the photos of our model and building promotional posters.  This one is designed to suggest that GASLIGHT is an excellent set of rules for Pulp games as well as Victorian science fiction.  I’m learning how to leverage a series of tools in the Mac version of MS Word […]

Release Date Set of Compendium .pdf

| April 16, 2011

The release date for The GASLIGHT Compendium was set yesterday.  It will be released on 1 June via RPGNow.  The release of the hard-cover edition will be later in the month of June.  The exact date is still to be determined.  The book is at the printer, and we expect a proof in no more […]

Tanga for Gnomes

| April 13, 2011

A couple of years ago, Jamie Davis and I wrote a scenario book on the fighting around Tanga in German East Africa during World War I.  We never had any idea it would be used in this way: http://gamingwiththegnomies.blogspot.com/2011/04/gnome-wars-battle-of-tanga-0-prologue.html

GASLIGHT Compendium Video

| April 9, 2011

Look at the cool videos that Chris made: The GASLIGHT Compendium promotional video: http://animoto.com/play/ZrqPoho1fKVMKmTk1uuWdA What is the GASLIGHT Compendium?  http://animoto.com/play/hz2VT06Hb8xGAuWvokSZ4A GASLIGHT Compendium photo shoot: http://animoto.com/play/mfSbyae2QLKzTe0vpze1kQ

Cover of The GASLIGHT Compendium Done

| April 6, 2011

Over the weekend I completed the cover of The GASLIGHT Compendium.  We’re giving the book the final once-over and then it’s off to the printers.  The book will be 190 pages, with color throughout. The G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. Compendium meets all your VSF and Pulp needs, from skirmish and role-playing to large battles and airship fleet actions. […]

Wargaming at Son’s Birthday

| April 5, 2011

For my son’s birthday he wanted me to run a wargame for his buddies.  After some discussion, we settled on a GASLIGHT WWII game featuring the Eureka Jurassic Reich figures — Nazis riding raptors. The game involved an American patrol in trucks moving along a road.  They run into a secret base where the Germans […]