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Completed Some 10mm Napoleonics

| August 28, 2011

Individually 10mm (or 12mm) Napoleonic figures don’t look impressive, but in large groups, on the table, I think they look great.  In anticipation of the Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars, I had been purchasing some sets of 10mm Napoleonic figures, mostly painted, on Ebay.  Since beginning this project in earnest after the release of […]

First Play Test of Wizard Battle Rules

| August 28, 2011

A couple of years ago I wrote (and published as a .pdf download) a set of rules for PT boat actions based on Kurt Schlegel’s unpublished Fire at Will rules.  The rules, The Quick and the Dead, is a wild and wooly game, with no turns.  Players each command two PT boats.  They play action […]

More 10mm Napoleonics

| August 21, 2011

For the first time in two months, I picked up a paint brush.  With the prep for the move, the move, unpacking from the move, getting into the new (hectic) job at work, and going on vacation, I just haven’t had time. After the last play test of Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars at […]


| August 21, 2011

This is a picture we had taken on our vacation.  Some places that do these photos don’t put much heart into it.  This place was a great deal of fun.  The owner really made it an event.

2011 Vacation: Days Fifteen and Sixteen: Six Flags New England and Hom

| August 14, 2011

Our second-to-last day of vacation was spent in Six Flags New England.  The kids really wanted to ride some “intense” roller coasters.  Six Flags New England had ten roller coasters, including one called “Bizarro,” which has been rated the number one steel roller coaster in the world for the last five or six years.  It […]

2011 Vacation: Day Fourteen: Mt. Killington Area

| August 13, 2011

Today was a bit of a slow day, picture-wise.  My digital camera has been acting squirrelly lately.  Today it ate about half my pictures from the walk around Leffert’s Pond.  I’ve liked this Kodak; it’s been a good camera.  It looks like it’s days are numbered, however.  I don’t suppose digital cameras can even be […]

2011 Vacation: Day Thirteen: Into Vermont

| August 12, 2011

We left Lincoln, NH, after a huge breakfast involving blueberry pancakes and blueberry syrup.  The weather was sunny and warm, so the views were terrific. Our first stop was the factory tour for Cabot cheese.  The tour was minimalist, but we did get to see cheddar in the making and learn the difference between curds […]

2011 Vacation: Day Twelve: Franconia Notch and White Mountains National Forest

| August 11, 2011

The weather didn’t cooperate with us much today.  I ran a few miles toward the entrance to Franconia Notch State Park in the morning.  After breakfast in our room, we headed to the Flume Gorge.  The Flume Gorge is a gorge created by falling water over many years that has cut its way through the […]

2011 Vacation: Days Ten and Eleven: Moosehead Lake and Mount Washington

| August 10, 2011

Our second day at Moosehead Lake began with a 0500 wakeup to meet our guide.  We took a 45-minute drive to a hidden pond in the back country, followed by a two-hour canoe ride to try to spot moose.  We had a false start at the boat launch, because two women proved to be completely […]

2011 Vacation: Day Nine: From Acadia to Moosehead

| August 10, 2011

We began our last day in Acadia National Park with a quick trip to the Bass Harbor Light House.  It was only about two miles from our hotel.  A short walk down a trail and a long set of stairs took us to the rocks below the light house where we took these photos.  The […]