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GASLIGHT Dogsled Race!

| September 18, 2011

For Fall In! 2011 the HAWKs are running a GASLIGHT race game to celebrate our 1000th convention game in 10 years.  The HAWKs 1000 will involve a series of short, 1-hour race games:  arctic dogsled race, Amazonian boat race, desert car race, and mountain aerial race.  The players with the most points after four rounds […]

Another Wizard Battle Play Test

| September 18, 2011

Yesterday we had another test of the Wizard Battle game.  This time we had six players.  The last play test only included four players.  This was a good chance to get some more opinions on the game.  The action was frenetic.  The “standard” 162-card deck had enough cards for all six players to keep going. […]