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Hinterland Posts My Female Hussars on its Web Page

| September 19, 2012

Jason Moses of Hinterland Miniatures posed a picture recently of my Death Jaw-riding female hussars.  See the customer gallery at http://hinterlandminiatures.weebly.com/customer-gallery.html for some nice pictures of his figures in action.

Barrage 2012 was a Huge Success

| September 16, 2012

The Harford Area Weekly Kreigspeilers present our annual gaming day yesterday, 15 September in the Havre de Grace Community Center.  It was a huge success, with a number of firsts: A new, larger, better-lit venue A Flames of War tournament (with 18 of 24 available slots filled) Expanded food service for lunch (hot dogs, drinks, […]

Barrage is Only Two Days Away

| September 12, 2012

You didn’t go to Barrage?  Get up so I can shoot you again! See http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/Barrage.html for more information about the best gaming day in the area.  Don’t miss this tremendous day of gaming fun.

Barrage is Just a Three Days Away

| September 12, 2012

The Barrage gaming day run by the Harford Area Weekly Kreigspeilers is just three days away.  It will be held on 15 September in Havre de Grace Maryland, just off I-95. See http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/Barrage.html for detailed information, including a list of vendors and  a complete listing of games.  We have a nice selection of games from a […]

Labor Day Weekend Fantasy Figures

| September 3, 2012

After our successful LSNC: Fantasy, Ancients, and Medieval game last weekend, I’ve been motivated to paint a few more fantasy figures.  These centaurs are from Eureka Miniatures, which has a nice line of 10mm fantasy figures.  There were enough figures in the bag that I was able to create the two bases of figures plus […]