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Look, Caesar, It’s Carthaginians

| December 27, 2012

Last Friday, a few of the HAWKs came over to play Look, Sarge, No Charts: Fantasy, Ancients, and Mediaeval.  This was actually the first time I had played it with historical figures; all my previous play test have been with fantasy figures. The game involved three legions of Romans versus three “warbands” of Carthaginians.  Both […]

Pulp Trappers and Traders

| December 20, 2012

My last post showed the Pulp Figures “dismounts.”  This week I completed the trappers and adventurers packs from Pulp as well as the two canoes that I’ve had in my to-do box for a long time. These were great fun to paint.  Each figure has real character. These will soon see action in “Duke Morrison […]


| December 16, 2012

I am working on a pulp scenario, entitled Duke Morrison and the Mounties for our New Years Eve gaming event and for the Cold Wars convention.  I bought two of the new sets of Pulp Figures mounties to support the game.  This weekend was the first time I had picked up a brush in several […]

Mage Knight “Conversion”

| December 16, 2012

I finally got around to modifying two Make Knight tanks that I bought recently.  These used to sell for $35 each, but I found two at $5 each at different conventions. This is what the tank looks like before I modified it.  I’ve never thought the spikey wheel on the front made much sense.  I […]