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WarCON at Fuson Farm

| August 28, 2013

Last weekend, Dave, Chris, and I travelled to War Horse Farm in Gettysburg to run some games for Sam Fuson and folks from his work.  There were 16 gamers, plus the three GMs, including several kids.  We ran two morning games and two afternoon games. In the morning, Chris ran his Saving Queen Victoria GASLIGHT […]

Working on New WWII Skirmish Ideas, pt. 5

| August 25, 2013

I have updated all the action cards based on comments I’ve made in the previous four posts.  I think I am ready for another play test before taking on indirect fire, HE, and tanks.

Working on New WWII Skirmish Ideas, pt. 4

| August 24, 2013

During yesterday’s run, I came up with what I thought was a solution to my morale dilemma.  After a few minutes with Excel, I think it will work. What I envision is that the card will have a target number, between -3 and 4.  When making a morale check, the player will subtract the number […]

Working on New WWII Skirmish Ideas, pt. 3

| August 23, 2013

My thinking on these rules continues to evolve.  It gives me something to do while running in the mornings.  🙂 In the play test we had a couple of weeks ago, I was generally pleased with the way it worked, but still thought it could be faster without any loss of accuracy.  There were two […]

Working on New WWII Skirmish Ideas, pt. 2

| August 20, 2013

In my first post, I described movement and briefly addressed activation.  The activation system is very similar to the Look, Sarge, No Charts family of rules; however, there are more cards in the activation deck. Units activate and fire by half squad.  After all shots are declared, the firing player begins flipping cards.  The series […]

Working on New WWII Skirmish Ideas

| August 19, 2013

For several weeks, while running, I’ve been thinking hard about some new ideas for WWII skirmish gaming.  If these ideas work out, I can see applying them to multiple “modern” skirmishes, such as cowboys and sci fi.    I’m trying to get at a number of important issues: I wanted to avoid having individual soldiers target […]

Play Test Day for Bear Yourselves Valiantly

| August 18, 2013

This weekend five of the HAWKs got together for another play test of Bear Yourselves Valiantly.  In particular, we have been going back and forth about how many units can participate in a melee, when units get credit for overlapping another, when they get credit for a flank attack, etc. In addition, we needed to […]

V-Week: Thursday and Friday as Sea Scouts

| August 3, 2013

The kids really enjoyed their 24+ hours afloat.  I wasn’t with them (as described in my previous post), but I’ve included some pictures that Candy took to give an idea of what the kids did.  As they set sail, it was raining, but by mid day the rain had abated, the weather turned nice, and […]

Venture Week: Thursday

| August 1, 2013

Thursday was supposed to be “Sea Scout” day, in which our Venture crew would man a boat and sail down the Chesapeake Bay.  We were actually supposed to do the boat on Monday and Tuesday, but the mast broke, and the captain just got it repaired on Monday.  Actually, I think doing the ship on […]

Venture Week: Wednesday

| August 1, 2013

By the middle of the week, the kids were starting to get worn out.  After the late-night Kung Fu and all the physical activities, the kids were showing some signs of fatigue.  I was getting worried that they weren’t having much fun on Wednesday, but by the end of the day, they had perked back […]