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Not Quite the Seven Years War (in Miniature)

| October 27, 2013

Some years ago, Rob got us all started on Not Quite the Seven Years War, a project involving 54mm home-cast figures and using Charge! as the rules.  Each of the HAWKs made up a country.  Mine is Bergdorfreuthenheim (Berg, dorf, reuth, and heim all mean “small village” or something similar in German.)  In 54mm, the […]

Vending Machines for Granville

| October 27, 2013

In previous posts I’ve shown pictures of the town of Granville I’ve been building up over several years for pulp games.  I recently purchased more of the Litko buildings and have put a few more on my Christmas list.  With another six buildings, the town will be big enough for anything I want to do. […]