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(Almost) All Vehicle Play Test of G.A.M.E.R.

| March 29, 2014

Last night at the club meeting, I ran another play test of G.A.M.E.R. (which stands for the attributes of a figure in the game: Guts, Accuracy, Melee, Endurance, and Reaction).  I have been pretty happy with the way the infantry rules are working, but I have been needing to give the vehicle rules a good […]

114th Signal Battalion Officer Professional Development

| March 29, 2014

For the sixth year in a row the HAWKs supported an officer professional development event for the 114th Signal Battalion.  The first year, the event just included the officers, so we ran just a single game.  Over time, more and more of the battalion’s leadership have been corralled into the event.  This year we had […]

The Eagles Have Landed

| March 24, 2014

I have been trying to talk Eureka into creating fantastic aerial forces for the other countries to match their Germans riding pterodactyls, but they have not been interested.  I had suggested Russians on giant vultures, Americans on eagles, and Brits on owls.  Since Eureka wasn’t interested, I took matters into my own hands. For two […]

Dr. Who Gets Wheels

| March 24, 2014

Both readers of this blog will recall that my favorite Dr. Who incarnation was the third doctor, John Pertwee.  It was the third doctor who first used Bessie. I found a similar car in the flea market at Cold Wars and painted it up to be Bessie.  Except for the lack of a back seat, […]

Recent Figures

| March 17, 2014

Every town needs a statue, and Granville is no exception.  I found this Revolutionary War figure in the flea market at Cold Wars with the idea of making a statue for my pulp town, Granville. After painting the pedestal, I painted the figure with a green patina color.  Then I dry brushed over it with […]

More Hinterland Female Hussars

| March 16, 2014

Some months ago Hinterland released additional figures in the line of female hussars and sailors.  At the time, the budget wouldn’t permit an order, but a month or so ago, I finally got around to ordering them.  This weekend, I finished painting the figures. The picture (above) shows the female sailor pom-pom crew.  The crew […]

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

| March 10, 2014

I painted these figures just for fun.  I found the van on Ebay.  The figures are from Hasslefree.  They’re a bit pricey, but you only need a couple of figures. This is the Scooby gang ready to do battle with real zombies instead of some guy dressed in a rubber suit with some glow-in-the-dark paint […]


| March 10, 2014

My first public showing of G.A.M.E.R. was Sunday AM at Cold Wars 2014.  Both readers of my blog will recall several posts describing the evolution of this concept.  Though the scenario needed more Germans for balance, the game was fun, the players had a good time, and several asked when the game would be published. […]

Some Random Pictures from Cold Wars 2014

| March 10, 2014

Eric and several other HAWKs ran a series of Schlegel’s Ferry games.  Schlegel’s Ferry is a fictional town on the upper Chesapeake that begins as an Indian village and advances through time, seeing battles from many different wars.  I ran Schlegel’s Ferry 1664.   The games this year were separated by 50 years. Cold Wars […]

War Horse Con

| March 3, 2014

Ed Duffy ran this terrific looking modern game using a set of rules he has been developing.  The Americans were advancing across this table to get to some objective on the far side.  I was busy running La Rothiere in the next room and didn’t get to play this, but from all the yelling from […]