Weekend Projects

I spent a fair amount of the weekend helping my son with college applications, taking my daughter to the Demi Lovato concert in Baltimore, and some computer work for my moonlighting job.  Despite an increase in my normal state of ear ringing induced by the concert, I did have some time on Sunday for some hobby work.  I washed, primed, and began painting a bunch of Reaper Bones science fiction infantry in armored suits.  I also glued a bunch of Iron Wind turrets to a bunch of GW Epic Warhammer 40k vehicles as a start on my 10mm near future, science fiction project.  Finally, I painted the tunics on 11 battalions of Not Quite Seven Years War 10mm figures for the country of Bergdorfreuthenheim.  I expect to finish all but the NQSYW figures by the end of next weekend and will post pictures then.