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War-games Illustrated Combat Patrol (TM) Play-through Video Posted

| August 31, 2016

War-games Illustrated Magazine posted a video of Combat Patrol(TM) on their Website today.  See link here:  http://wargamesillustrated.net/combat-patrol-playthrough/  Thanks to Chris Abbey at Sally 4th for taking the time to travel to War-games Illustrated to show them the game. See the Combat Patrol(TM) Web page for more information on the game, information on how to get […]

Dreamland Drive-In

| August 31, 2016

For my birthday my kids bought me this kit from Powered Play Gaming.  It took me a little while to assemble the kit, paint it, and decorate it.  It was designed as a billboard.  I decided to convert it into a drive-in theater screen for my town of Granville I use for my Pulp games. […]

The HAWKs Want Your Children

| August 31, 2016

The HAWKs are well-known for running many children’s games at various HMGS conventions.  We also run the Armies for Kids Giveaway games that have been blogged about on our club blog and on TMP.  In the Armies for Kids Giveaway, we present the kids who participate in the game with two armies, rules, dice, and […]

Completed a platoon of heavy infantry from Pig Iron

| August 30, 2016

Some months back, I discovered Pig Iron and their terrific line of science fiction figures and vehicles.  I had planned to build a platoon of these figures once the first few arrived and I painted them.  THEN, Pig Iron announced they were going out of business.  I ordered a bunch of their figures, only to […]

Optional Rules Supplement Posted for Combat Patrol (TM)

| August 29, 2016

I just posted a free optional rules supplement on the Web page for Combat Patrol(TM):  http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/Combat_Patrol.html .  Like all the supplements to date, this supplement is <b>free</b>. So what is in the optional rules supplement?  It includes some rules that I didn’t have time to fully play test before releasing the rule book some months […]

A Platoon of Poles

| August 22, 2016

The theme for Fall In 2016 in November is Poland.  I have always enjoyed the early WWII campaigns, including Poland.  I have quite a few 20mm / 1:72 scale figures, but I have been slowly duplicating my 20mm WWII collection with 28mm figures, which I like better.  I signed up to run a very large […]


| August 21, 2016

Or is that Roo-men?  Sometime in ancient history, Ral Partha made a single pack of figures, called Rooman War Party, which had Roomans in two poses, but all armed with pikes or spears.  They are no longer available.  Over the years, I collected dozens of the originals, but they have become quite rare, even on […]

Barrage Event List Filling Up

| August 18, 2016

The event list for Barrage is beginning to fill up.  This is our first time running Barrage as a two-day event.  At this point, we have nearly as many events as last year, with a heavy schedule for Friday.  And we are still several weeks away, so I anticipate a very full schedule. Here is […]

Kid Friendly Games at Barrage

| August 15, 2016

GMs are submitting games a couple a day to the schedule for Barrage 2016 (see www.hawks-barrage.org).  Today we added two games specifically targeted at younger gamers.  One features the Panzer Kids rules by Peter Schweighofer.  The HAWKs have a reputation for being kid friendly, so you can count on there being more games suitable (or […]

Barrage 2016 Events List Beginning to Fill Up

| August 12, 2016

The Web page for Barrage 2016 has been live since Historicon (http://www.hawks-barrage.org).  Through that portal, attendees and GMs can create accounts, register for the convention, sign up to run games, and sign up to play in games.  GMs have been registering games.  I have laid them out in a tentative schedule for both Friday and […]