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The Slaughter So Swift Released

| March 30, 2017

I am proud to announce the release of FREE a supplement by Duncan Adams for Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII. The Slaughter So Swift: Look, Sarge, No Charts: 1914 is a supplement for fighting battles in the early months of WWI, when battles were fluid and uniforms were still pretty. Duncan drew from three sources to create […]

Combat Patrol(TM): World War II in the Bocage

| March 22, 2017

I ran two Bocage games at Cold Wars using Combat Patrol(TM): World War II.  Both games went well.  In fact three of the American players form the first time I ran the game came back to play Germans in the second game. The second time I ran the game, the American advance was more orderly. […]

Dave Wood’s Combat Patrol(TM) Games of Boer War

| March 22, 2017

Dave is writing a supplement to Combat Patrol(TM): World War II to adapt the rules to the Boer War and the Zulu War.  At Cold Wars he ran a Boer War ambush scenario using the to-be-released supplement.

Schlegel’s Ferry at Cold Wars

| March 22, 2017

The HAWKs, mostly Kurt and Eric, ran a series of games on Schlegel’s Ferry.  The initial concept for Schlegel’s Ferry was to run a game on the same ground in various historical periods, and update the map for each battle.  Initially we ran early Indian vs. arquebus-armed settlers, French and Indian Wars, American Revolution, War […]

Winter War 1939 Double Blind with Combat Patrol(TM)

| March 22, 2017

Zeb Cook and I ran a Winter War 1939 with Combat Patrol(TM): World War II and Zeb’s Winter War supplement.  The Russian objective was to advance up the road, capture some supplies, and hold open the road for later extraction. The Russians were forced to advance across open ground.  Initially they only suspected the locations […]

Don Hogge Wins and Award

| March 22, 2017

The HMGS Legion of Honor presented Don Hogge with an award for his excellent Congo game at Cold Wars.  The game looked terrific, and the players had a great time. Three HAWKs won awards at Cold Wars: Don (for his Congo game), Greg (for his This is Not a Test post-apocalyptic game), and Eric Schlegel […]

Geoff Graff’s Lego Pirate Game

| March 22, 2017

Geoff Graff once again ran his Lego pirate game for kids at Cold Wars 2017.  As usual, the kids had a terrific time!

Last Tank Battalion for LSNC: Sci Fi

| March 11, 2017

I completed another tank battalion and a few attachments for Look, Sarge, No Charts: Near Future and Science Fiction.  This battalion came from an ad hoc hodgepodge of things.  The vehicle above is from a set of small Russian kits I found on Ebay.  They seem to make these kits in both 1:48 (I have […]

Rifle Ranges and Gamers

| March 8, 2017

I found this article on the Warlord site very good.  I always greatly curtail weapon ranges from their theoretical maximum when designing rules.  Typically, I use 25% of maximum effective range.  My only quibble with this article is that the term effective range IS defined:  it is the distance at which an average marksman has […]

The Shadow Battalion

| March 7, 2017

This weekend I found another battalion of Reaper Car tanks that I had forgotten I had.  In the original Kickstarter fulfillment, Reaper was short a few of this type of tank.  They arrived after I had finished the other battalions (see previous blog posts).  I painted them in a variety of camouflage patterns.  I decided […]