Stuff I Painted Over the Christmas Break

Female rocket artillery crew.

A few days ago, I posted some pictures of female cuirassiers.  This is a rocket artillery battery that goes with those figures.  I really like the way his figures look like girls without being ridiculously proportioned.

The lady reporter, lady photographer, and robotic butler.
Some kind of bird beast and a hatchling.

While at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, I picked up these last few figures.  They were somewhat over priced, but they were unique and fun to paint.

Thief and party goers.

I ordered some hobbit cavalrymen from The Assault Group to mount on Baker Company reindeer to give to my buddy Chris for Christmas.  In the package with the hobbit riders, they included these three hobbit figures.  I can’t stand to have unpainted lead around, so I knocked these out.

Hobbit harlot, bar maid, and warrior from The Assault Group.

Chris gave me these very cool science fiction figures from a Russian company.

Female science fiction soldiers. Chris painted these like my Pulp Figures Venusian women. These could be Venusian warrior women 100 years later.

Write an On-Line Battle Report and Get Sally 4th Pre-Printed Vehicle Cards for Free

Sally 4th has produced these very nice vehicle cards that are already filled in with all the information you need to play Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.  While it is easy to create these vehicle cards from the data tables and blank cards included with the rules, these cards make it easier to start playing a game — and they look great.  They can be purchased directly from Sally 4th’s Web page.

Sally 4th also recently started a new page on their Web site, called Front Line Reporting.   This is space for battle reports of Combat Patrol games.  If you post a battle report on some on-line forum and send us the link, either Chris Abbey or I will send you some of these cards for free as a thank you.

Barrage 2017 is only Four Weeks Away

Barrage 2017 will be held 19-20 January 2018.  The even listing is quite full, with exciting games on both FRIDAY and SATURDAY.  Food is available at a reasonable price on the premises, and there are a number of nice restaurants close by.  We will have vendors, TWO Flames of War Tournaments, and an Art de la Guerre tournament.  We pack a lot of fun into two full days of gaming, so come to BOTH DAYS of Barrage.

Hydra Robots

Two Hydra robots with some weird plunger ray gun thingies that I added.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some pictures of some worm men with lasers that I recently painted form Hydra Miniatures.   In the same order, I purchased ten of these blocky robots. I really like them, but they all came with empty hands.  I wanted to add additional weapons.  In some cases, I had to cut off the right hand and turn it 90 degrees so that the robot could hold a ray gun or some other weapon.

Robots with additional weapons, including an MG-34 and Bren.
Robots with cool ray guns.



Venus 1888 Women at War by Joe Caruso

I bought into Kickstarter some months back for figures from Joe Corsaro, called Venus 1888 Women at War.  I really like the figures, and I finally got around to painting them.

I really like the mechanical unicorns on unicycles.  These riders are very cool looking figures.  They look female without being pornographic or exaggerated.

Five of the ten female cuirassier.
The other five. I haven’t decided what flag to put on them yet.
Joe Caruso’s Women at War charging against Hinterland Female Hussars.

Recently Painted Stuff

Attack of the space worms from outer space with space weapons — did I mention they’re from space?

I recently received these space worms from Hydra Miniatures.  I really like them.  Service from Hydra was excellent.

When I work them into a Combat Patrol game, I may give them the ability to burrow through the ground and come up behind the enemy.

I also ordered these ducks from New Zealand.  I really like them, and I recently bought into his new Kickstarter.

My new contingent of fantasy ducks.
My duck warrior
Another duck warrior of the dragon clan.
Mohawk duck warrior
A duck wizard
One of Robin Hood’s Merry Ducks perhaps?
Female duck cleric ready to whomp someone with that hammer.  You better remember to put down the toilet seat, bub!

Event List for Barrage Almost Full

The event listing for Barrage 2017 (which will be held January 19 and 20, 2018) is nearly full.  We can handle a couple more Friday and Saturday games, but if you take a look at the Web page, you will see many great events.

Go to the Web page,, and create an account.  Then you can register for the convention.  Once registered, you can submit games or sign up for games.  If after you sign up for a game, something else catches your eye, you can change your mind.

Don’t miss out on this excellent two-day event.  Come for both days.  Come early, stay late.  Bring a buddy.

Space Ducks Get Heavy Weapon Support

I found these two duck figures (with the white helmets) at Walmart last week.  They are from a line of metal figures with various Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel subjects.  This one is GizmoDuck, apparently from the animated series, Duck Tales.  They are quite large, but I think they look pretty good as heavy support robots.

Star Duck robot support (and other stuff) on the painting table

I added an Assault Group bazooka to one of them and flame thrower to the other.  This Frinx better watch out.  Next time we play a science fiction Combat Patrol game the Ducks will be unstoppable!

Barrage Events Listing is Filling Up

Don’t miss your chance to participate is this terrific local convention, now two-action packed days of gaming!

You can see the outstanding lineup of games by looking here:

TWO Flames of War tournaments!  An ADLG tournament!  Many vendors.  Great games!  This is a great way to recover from the holidays.

There are many kid-friendly games, so bring that younger gamer in your life along with you.  Don’t miss all the fun.  Come for both days!  The Barrage Web page has a listing of local hotels on the logistics tab.