Hydra Robots

Two Hydra robots with some weird plunger ray gun thingies that I added.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some pictures of some worm men with lasers that I recently painted form Hydra Miniatures.   In the same order, I purchased ten of these blocky robots. I really like them, but they all came with empty hands.  I wanted to add additional weapons.  In some cases, I had to cut off the right hand and turn it 90 degrees so that the robot could hold a ray gun or some other weapon.

Robots with additional weapons, including an MG-34 and Bren.
Robots with cool ray guns.



Venus 1888 Women at War by Joe Caruso

I bought into Kickstarter some months back for figures from Joe Corsaro, called Venus 1888 Women at War.  I really like the figures, and I finally got around to painting them.

I really like the mechanical unicorns on unicycles.  These riders are very cool looking figures.  They look female without being pornographic or exaggerated.

Five of the ten female cuirassier.
The other five. I haven’t decided what flag to put on them yet.
Joe Caruso’s Women at War charging against Hinterland Female Hussars.