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The Black Jackals with Combat Patrol (pt. 2)

| January 29, 2018

This is the second installment of Brian Ivers’ Black Jackals battle report using Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.  The Jackals prepare to retreat toward Battalion. I use red rubber bands for wounds, black for stunts, and white for out of ammunition, but any mechanism that works for you is fine.  Sally 4th also makes some nice markers […]

Play Test of Combat Patrol for Pre-Flintlock Era

| January 29, 2018

Yesterday I held an impromptu play test of the version of Combat Patrol for pre-flintlock ear warfare.  The initial impetus for this project was to game the border rievers period, but the guys in the club want to use it for various fantasy projects.  I think it will also be good for dark ages, medieval, […]

The Black Jackals with Combat Patrol

| January 26, 2018

This morning I received an Email from Brian Ivers, a Combat Patrol player in Colorado about the first game in a campaign he is running based on the books The Black Jackals by  Ian Gales (https://youtu.be/LONqUKlrC2U).  He kindly gave me permission to repost his battle report on my blog.  The campaign begins at the Driel […]

Combat Patrol Games at Barrage

| January 23, 2018

This past weekend, the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers hosted our annual, two-day, gaming convention, Barrage.  The event was a big success.  There were a number of Combat Patrol: WWII games on offer. Poland 1939 I ran a game set in Poland in 1939.  The Poles were conducting reconnaissance and ran into a German force moving […]

The Day After Barrage

| January 23, 2018

Barrage was a great success, but on Sunday I was pretty tired and couldn’t really get motivated to do any of the other stuff I needed to get done, so like any good war gamer, I painted. I have already painted one platoon of Pig Iron figures.  I really like them.  I bought an enemy […]

The Jetsons and Other Science Fiction Civilians, mostly

| January 23, 2018

In addition to final prep for Barrage, I also managed to get a few figures painted.  The first were some science fiction civilians I ordered a month or so ago.  These were kind of fun to paint, since I really used mostly block painting to give them a cartoon look. In addition, I finally painted […]

Barrage 2017 was a great success

| January 23, 2018

See pictures here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/142143895@N06/albums/72157668763280169/page1

One Day to Barrage

| January 18, 2018

Barrage is tomorrow in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  See http://www.hawks-barrage.org for more information, directions, etc. Tomorrow and Saturday will be great days for gaming.  The weather will be too cold to be outside working on your honey-do list.  It has snowed recently, but the roads are clear and dry.  We have food available on site […]

Two Days to Barrage

| January 17, 2018

  The best little wargaming convention on the East Coast is in JUST TWO DAYS.  Come to two days of non-stop gaming fun at Barrage.  See http://www.hawks-barrage.org for more details.

Pulp Figures, Star Wars Tower, and Crooked Dice Cultists

| January 15, 2018

I purchased a number of Pulp Figures packs at Historicon, and I finally got around to painting them.  My unpaired lead collection is getting dangerously low.  I like these figures.  They have the stereotypical Bob Murch style and animation, which I love.  My only complaint is that there aren’t enough poses to make a nice […]