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Women’s Land Army

| February 25, 2018

Bad Squiddo Games makes figures of “heroines in sensible shoes.”  These are meant to be figures of realistically proportioned (and clothed) women.  The recently released these figures of the Women’s Land Army from WWII.  I didn’t even know what the Women’s Land Army was until I saw these figures. I plan to put them into […]


| February 25, 2018

I found these figures recently and couldn’t resist ordering them.  These are the characters from the classic Princess Bride.  Inconceivable!  I now need to find an opportunity to get them on the table.

Combat Patrol at JJ Con

| February 25, 2018

A bunch of us participated in “JJ Con” in January.  My laptop died the next day, so it has taken me a while to get the pictures off my camera and post a few.  JJ Con is an annual gaming event, hosted by my high school buddy JJ.  It has become a three day gaming […]

Mad Maximillian, Gaslands, and Car Racing

| February 11, 2018

Zeb Cook and I are planning to run a car race game on Sunday at Cold Wars in a couple of weeks.  Months ago I got my hands on the Pulp 1930’s race cars from Eureka Miniatures, and Zeb did as well.  So we thought that a short game on Sunday morning would be fun. […]