Renovated Rooms at the Lancaster Host

For the HMGS East conventions held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I have been staying across the street from the Lancaster Host at the Continental for the past several years.  The rooms at the Host had gotten progressively worse, and the Continental provides a really  nice breakfast.  The Continental has closed for renovations for Cold Wars and Historicon, so I booked a room at the Host this year.  As may know, the Host is under new ownership (Windham) and is undergoing massive renovations.  Despite the Host being overbooked, I had the good fortune of being assigned one of the newly renovated rooms.  I do a LOT of travel for work, staying at hotels of different brands and levels.  The newly renovated rooms at the Host are as nice as any I have stayed at in the past couple of years. Everything is clean and new.  The fixtures, heat, etc. all work.  The Internet is solid.  (Since I had to do three hours of work from my hotel room, this was important to me.)  The staff was friendly and helpful.  In summary, I think the somewhat elevated room rates promised after the renovations are reasonable given the new quality of the rooms.