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Look, Sarge, No Charts: Near Future and Sci-Fi Rules Development

| May 13, 2018

Dave Wood, Greg Priebe, and I got together this Saturday for a session to work on the LSNC: SciFi rules.  We focused on the cyber fight and spotting.  It really needed to be a small event, because we were changing the rules on the fly, sometimes during the same turn.  In the end, I think […]

Completed Two More Sally 4th Photorealistic Buildings

| May 13, 2018

This week and weekend was my first full week at home since February.  A little at a time, I worked on two more Photorealistic Sally 4th English buildings.  One was the corner shops, and the other was the terraced houses.  As with all the Sally 4th kits, they went together very easily, and the instructions […]