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Some Recent Vehicles for Combat Patrol(TM) Games

| August 31, 2018

Despite working a string of 50-60 hour weeks and missing most of my club’s gaming events, I have managed to complete a handful of 1:48 vehicles.  I can do these a little at a time, so they fit into my work schedule where painting the 80 Russian infantry sitting on the painting table have had […]

SciFi Unmanned Ground Vehicles

| August 17, 2018

I have been converting some 1:56 scale Bren carriers into unmanned ground vehicles for science fiction skirmish games.  I finished them earlier this week in my copious free time. At the last minute I decided to keep them olive drab instead of painting them with some wild camouflage pattern.  See them with some Pig Iron […]

Barrage 2018: Only 42 Days Away

| August 17, 2018

Sign up today! The folks from Little Wars TV will be there filming!

Barrage 2018 is only 49 Days Away

| August 13, 2018

Preparations are in full swing for Barrage 2018, 28-29 September in Havre de Grace, MD, USA. Barrage is a great little convention, which will feature upwards of 5o events over two days. No politics, no hassles. On site food at reasonable rates and dining options within a short drive. Easy parking. A broad spectrum of […]

Combat Patrol Sea Lion Play Test for Barrage and Fall In

| August 13, 2018

This Saturday we held an organizational meeting for Barrage with the HAWKs who usually participate in running the convention.  After lunch we played a fun game of Combat Patrol.  Greg and I will be running this Sea Lion game at both Barrage (28-29 September) and Fall In.  The terrain will look similar to that of […]

Unmanned Vehicles for Sci Fi Games

| August 12, 2018

I use only 1:48 scale vehicles in my WWII games using Combat Patrol(TM).  I found 1:48 scale Bren carriers from Butler’s Printed Models.  Butler’s models, however, do not come with crews.  The only way to get crews that I found was to order the carriers and crews from Warlord.  (They don’t split up sets any […]

The British are Coming!

| August 4, 2018

Greg and I have run a couple of Sea Lion based skirmish games using Combat Patrol(TM).  I really like the early war periods, like Finland 1939, Poland 1939, and France 1940.  I have recently gotten excited about Sea Lion based hypothetical scenarios.  In the Sea Lion and Fall of France games we ran at Historicon, […]

Barrage 2019 Event Schedule is Growing

| August 3, 2018

  The event schedule for Barrage 2018 is filling up.  More games being added daily.  Don’t miss the best little convention on the East Coast.  Great games, great people, no politics.  Just dice, cards, and toy soldiers. Take the day off Friday and start gaming at noon when the doors open.  Gaming goes until everyone […]