Unmanned Vehicles for Sci Fi Games

Size comparison between a 1:48 scale Bren carrier and a 1:56 scale Bren carrier.

I use only 1:48 scale vehicles in my WWII games using Combat Patrol(TM).  I found 1:48 scale Bren carriers from Butler’s Printed Models.  Butler’s models, however, do not come with crews.  The only way to get crews that I found was to order the carriers and crews from Warlord.  (They don’t split up sets any more, apparently.)  So, I was stuck with some 1:56 carriers.  I was going to flea market them, but I thought that no one else would want Bren carriers without crews.  Then I thought that they might make interesting unmanned ground vehicles for science fiction games.  So out came the bits box…

Another size comparison.

So I found some old weapons, bits, and bobs, and began to glue these to the Bren carrier chassis.  Below you can see how they look before I will begin painting them.  The weapons are mounted with magnets so that they can be turned during a game.

One with a button as a hatch and some old GW weapons.
A rocket launcher vehicle.
After painting, I think I will blue the rocket into the launcher like it’s firing.
Two more of them. The weapon on the one on the left was the head of a robot, I believe. The one on the right is a spare GW weapon.
Another view.
A closer look.
A final look.

I will post some pictures when they are painted and ready for a game.