Azazel’s Bitz Box Unit Contest

Azazel’s Bitz Box hosts mostly painting challenges.  This month’s challenge is for units.  See post here:

So, I decided to finish up a few units that had been partially completed for a while.  These are all related to my Operation Sea Lion games.  Warlord sells the characters from the British sitcom, Dad’s Army (  I have the older Copplestone Dad’s Army figures (not authorized), but I couldn’t resist these too.  The Warlord figures come with both the characters in civilian clothes with identifying armbands and the characters in uniforms.  Here they are:

Captain Mainwaring

And here they are altogether:

Dad’s Army characters in civilian clothes
Dad’s Army characters in uniform

And here’s some other stuff I finished recently.

Dolly Madison rescuing the portrait of George Washington before the British burned down the White House during the War of 1812.  Figure from First Corps.
Some Reaper power armor infantry
A gamer
The brain in a bottle…
A better view of the brain
Female defenders of Little Baisley by the Sea, the town I use for all my Sea Lion games.
Civilians from Little Baisley by the Sea
Hell hound from Reaper
And a last look at some defenders of the town. I really like the sculpting of the two figures on the left!