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Combat Patrol(TM) Commandos

| January 19, 2019

Last night at our club night, Greg and I ran a commando game using Combat Patrol(TM).  We are trying to work up rules for sentries and commandos to put into a free supplement.  For purposes of this supplement, the attacker is referred to as “commando” regardless of nationality.  Bottom line: it worked okay for a […]

WWII Americans in Greatcoats

| January 15, 2019

I have been painting a bunch of figures in greatcoats lately.  First, they are relatively easy to paint.  Second, they look a little different that other figures on the table.  So I finished two squads of infantry.  The nice this about the Artisan figures is that they come in full squad packs. For Christmas, a […]

I DID get a little painting done

| January 5, 2019

I focused on actives with family and friends over Christmas and New Years, but I did get a few things painted. The first were eight Copplestone Cossacks that I found in a flea market bin.  I will use these in my Retreat from Moscow games. The next batch are a number of fantasy ducks (and […]

Combat Patrol on New Years Eve

| January 2, 2019

Since 2009, we have been hosting a war-game on New Years Eve.  I don’t find New Years Eve a compelling holiday, and I don’t feel like sharing the road with a bunch of drunk people, so we start gaming around 1500 and end a little after midnight, which gives everyone time to get home before […]