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Cold Wars in the HAWKs Room

| March 19, 2019

Below are some pictures I took in the HAWKs room this past weekend at Cold Wars. Friday: Greg’s This is Not a Test game on winter terrain: Duncan’s Soynara Gringo game: This game is based on a report in the newspapers in 1916.  It was reported that Japanese had landed in Mexico and were preparing […]

Ducks on the Ghost Archipelago

| March 10, 2019

Today we played our monthly campaign game of Ghost Archipelago.  I have been crazy busy at work so for me “monthly” has been more like “every four or five months.”  While the other crews are at sixth or eighth level, I was at zero level today. My Heritor is Robin Duck (top right of the […]

Some WWII Tanks

| March 4, 2019

This weekend we were supposed to see my son’s Ultimate Frisbee tournament, but it was cancelled due to weather, so I had a chance to knock out some vehicles that have been in the project queue. The first was a Churchill Mk. VII Crocodile.  This is a Tamiya 1:48 scale kit. The second was a […]

Play Test of “Tales of the Gold Monkey” Game

| March 2, 2019

Last night at the club meeting I play tested my Tales of the Gold Monkey game for Cold Wars in two weeks.  For this game I am using the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules, but I gave all the extras a Save as well as the Main Characters.  The game began with most of the board blank, covered […]