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Hawaii Vacation, Days 1, 2, and 3

| June 28, 2019

On Tuesday we began our family vacation to Hawaii.  This may be the last time we can go on a long vacation like this for some time due to Tom’s military schedule, Sam’s school, and Buck’s work so we wanted to do it up right.  Candy planned a full schedule of interesting events. The trip […]

Feudal Patrol (and a secret set of rules) play test

| June 24, 2019

I have alluded a couple of times to a secret set of rules I am working on for a major figure manufacturer for a new line of figures.  We are targeting Cold Wars 2020 in March.  Because of the compressed development schedule, I am having to re-use bits and pieces of ideas from previous development […]

A Modicum of Progress

| June 23, 2019

Despite being on the road for business all last week (Monday to Saturday), I managed to paint a couple of figures Saturday evening.  With the amount of business travel I have been doing, I haven’t taken the time to paint units of figures and have instead been working on a few random figures that have […]

Steve Barber Early WWII Americans, Work in Progress

| June 18, 2019

A few months ago, I and a couple of others commissioned Steve Barber to make a handful of early WWII Americans in 28mm for the Philippines, Wake Island, etc.  These need the WWI helmets but early WWII kit.  Three or four figures have been commissioned, but we need one or two more people to commission […]

Play Test of the Battle of Hoth

| June 9, 2019

Yesterday many of the HAWKs came to my basement to play test our Hoth game for Historicon.  This game will handle twelve players.  We will make a few tweaks, but though the Imperials decided they couldn’t win on turn one but the won on points at the end, I think the game went well. “Tank” […]

Play Test of Retreat from Moscow for Historicon

| June 8, 2019

Last night at HAWKs night I had a rare chance to do some gaming.  I used the opportunity to play test my Retreat from Moscow game for Historicon.  The game will use Combat Patrol(TM) with the free Napoleonic / black powder supplement.  I will tweak the scearnio just a bit, but it mostly achieved the […]

High Road to China

| June 2, 2019

There is an early Tom Selleck movie I like that came out about the same time as Lassiter (a great movie!) and Runaway (a pretty good movie, written by Michael Creighton), called High Road to China.  It didn’t get a lot of acclaim, though I think the story is really well done.  I think a […]

Played “A Gentleman’s War” at NJ Con

| June 2, 2019

Eric and I headed up to NJCon for the day on Saturday.  He and I both played in a RevWar game using The British are Coming rules.  It was a fun game with an old school feel and the need to multiply two digit numbers together to reach the final percentage needed to hit.  We […]