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Science Fiction Armored Cars

| August 20, 2019

At Historicon I purchased four armored cars that look like they came from bags of green army men.  I bought these for a dollar or two each with the idea of using them in my science fiction Combat Patrol games.  First I disassembled them and painted them.  The barrel (top right of figure above) is […]

More Cars for Mad Maximillian

| August 19, 2019

I have compared Gasland and Mad Maximillian for armed car racing.  I like Mad Maximillian better; although, the rules writing is somewhat cryptic.  I have all the Eureka Mad Max cars painted up, and I ran the game at a club night some months ago.  I need to try to run it again one of […]

Ragged Old Flag

| August 17, 2019

Someone sent me a shortened version of this video recently.  I found the longer version on YouTube.  I think this is worth watching.

Blood and Sand

| August 11, 2019

In my copious free time, I’ve continued to think a bit about gladiator rules.  There are some nice sets of rules already on the market, and I don’t see this as a commercial project.  I am looking for something quick and easy for one-off games.  Greg has been looking at distinguishing special abilities to make […]

The Deep Ones are Coming!

| August 11, 2019

At Historicon I had a chance to look at the Black Sun figures from Bob Murch.  These are Vietnam figures but with two pulp science fiction forces added.  One are these Deep Ones, for of Creature from the Black Lagoon looking.  The ones for Black Sun come with AK-47s.  Very similar Deep Ones are available […]


| August 8, 2019

I have been working on a Roman gladiator project recently.  I recently bought three sets of Foundry gladiators and painted them along with a bunch of Steve Barber Roman spectators.   I also purchased a Playmobile Roman coliseum / arena.  My daughter painted it for me. I bought a copy of Sons of Mars and […]

Armies for Kids Feedback

| August 1, 2019

The HAWKs recently received an Email from John Spiess about his daughter and the Armies for Kids project.  With his permission, I am sharing the letter: Hi guys, I know you are probably getting busy planning for Barrage, so I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all you do for […]