Completed Ozz Figures for Cold Wars

Today I finished the figures I will be using for the demonstration / participation games at Cold Wars next weekend. Several members of the HAWKs are also painting figures to be ready. You really need to come and try these rules and see these figures at Cold Wars.

A mass of Winkies

Here is a brigade of five regiments of Winkie infantry. The brigade commander is riding a Zilk.

Another view of the mass of Winkies.

Winkies are cheap troops, because they have no firearms. But they do well in melee, and there are a lot of them.

Another view.
And one more view.
These are the Winkies I completed today.
And a closer view.

I also recently finished three regiments of Quadlings.

Southern Province Quadlings
Another view.
Central Province Quadlings
Another view.
Northern Province Quadlings.
A closer view.
Lesser Pumpkinheads ready for action.