Some COVID-19 Painting Progress

Since most of us are “social distancing” and avoiding personal contact — sort of like Millennials with cell phones sitting in the same room texting each other — I have been painting a little. My daughter is home from school, and we’ve been doing things with her, so I haven’t gotten as much painted as I would normally. As we all work on our “lead mountain,” many mail-order business remain open, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

At Cold Wars last weekend, I purchased some the Black Sun “Deep Ones” from Pulp Figures. I painted them this week, because they weren’t very complicated, and I could easily pick them up and put them down as I was interrupted. I primed them white, painted them with Contrast Creed Camo, and then painted in the details.

Dark Sun Deep Ones with rifles.
Another view of the Deep Ones coming to get you!
A final view.

I supplemented these with the female lizard warrior from Bad Squiddo.

Female lizard warrior from Bad Squiddo.

When I return from a convention, I usually very quickly file, prime, and base any purchases so that when he muse strikes me, I am ready to paint. I have four Really Useful Boxes dedicating to holding my ready-to-go lead mole hill. Recently I re-discovered these armed frogs that will supplement my frog and turtle armies from Eureka Miniatures.

Armed frogs. No, not Frenchmen. Real frogs.
I painted a normal GASLIGHT ten-figure unit of them.
I decided to get a little fancy with decorating their cloaks.

Well, it’s 0400, and I can’t sleep. So back to the painting table.