Busy Gaming Weekend

My wife was off helping my daughter move into her dorm room at college, so I was a geographic bachelor this weekend. We started the weekend with our virtual (Zoom) D&D campaign on Friday night run by Greg. Saturday morning we ran a Zoom Aztec Flower Wars game using Feudal Patrol(TM) and Mark Morin’s When Civilizations Collide Meso-American supplement for Feudal Patrol(TM).

The players for the Aztec game.
A view of the table from one camera.

Mark acted as GM with the rest of us viewing the table from two directions (cameras). Mark, Woody, and I were the attackers. We had significantly more forces than the defenders, but lost big-time on points. This supplement requires the Aztecs to attempt to capture prisoners (as slaves or human sacrifices) rather than just killing them outright. Woody tried to sneak around the flank to stop the defenders from getting any prisoners back into the village, but he sprinted slower than the defenders walked, and so the flank attack didn’t really accomplish much. At the same time my assault on Chris’ unit along the hedge was mauled, despite having loner weapons and first strikes. All I accomplished was to give Chris prisoners for later sacrifice. On the other flank, Mark and Greg were going back and fort over the hedge, and it looked like Mark might capture some prisoners, but when we ended the game, the defenders had a distinctive advantage in points.

Another view of the table from the point of view of where Mark and Greg were deeply embroiled in the fighting.

The supplement has a number of special rules that really give the game an Aztec flavor.

Later on Saturday and through Sunday I prepped a number of figures for painting, completed another 20 Anglo-somethings to fight Vikings, and worked on these vehicles.

Front view of the vehicle.

At Barrage 2019 last September I found this 3D printed tank body in a flea market bin for $5 and though it was salvageable. I used some green putty to hide the seams, 3D printed the turret (Sherman turret with plasma cannon) and painted it up. I sprayed the body and turret with Krylon love green camouflage paint and then gave it a light spray of Vallejo army green paint. While it is not clear in the pictures, that recipe gave the green some depth.

Rear view of the vehicle with a Pig Iron infantryman.

I had originally painted the main gun green like the rest of the tank, but then decided that it would look cooler with the blue. There are wide hatches on either side of the vehicle, so I think I’ll use this as some sort of hybrid tank/APC in some Combat Patrol(TM) science fiction skirmish games.

A side view. The red laser bolts are removable. They came from the Bandai 1:48 AT-ST kit.

Finally, I base sprayed a number of vehicles that I will show in a later post. I finished these 3D printed citroen trucks.

Citroen French trucks for 1940.

I found number of images on-line, to see about camouflage patterns, but they appear to have been just painted green in 1940.