My Contingent of Female Hussars Gets Armored Support

Light armored coaches for the Hinterland female hussars

Inspired by Dr. Mithias on The Miniatures Page (, I went looking for wedding favor coaches to convert into armored cars for the Hinterland female hussars.

Wedding favor coaches I found on Ebay

I cut the tongue and horses off the coaches and began adding bits.  My 13-year-old daughter helped me along the way.  The choice of maroon for the wagons was hers.

Another view of the light armored coaches

I made the front sponson from an old fill canister.  The Gatling gun was made from bits of balsa.  I found the turrets in my bit box.  They rotate.  The guns were made from two different sized straws.

Final view of the light armored coaches
Final view of the light armored coaches

These will make a nice addition to the firepower of my Female hussar legion.  All three of you who follow this blog will find previous posts about the Death Jaws, sailors, cavalry, etc.  All that’s missing now is artillery.  I keep hoping Hinterland will release artillerists who I can match with a nice mountain gun.