Completed Five Regiments of Russian Cuirassiers

On Sunday we had what we refer to as a PJD (pajama day).  We went to church Saturday night and then didn’t leave the house all day Sunday.  I used the opportunity to paint five regiments of Russian Cuirassiers.  Recall from previous posts that Sam Fuson has built a number of label sheets for different corps of the Napoleonic Wars.  I have been building into two Russian corps from 1812.  I am currently working on the cavalry.  Then I’ll knock out two dozen battalions of grenadiers and a bunch of leaders to complete them.

Neither of these pictures are very good, because you can’t tell that Russian Cuirassiers wore mostly white uniforms.  You can see the units in one of my new storage boxes (see a previous post).  I only needed four regiments, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with the fifth one.  (Note that I didn’t flock the base in case I want to use the figures to flesh out some leader bases.