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Sam is Working On Her First Miniatures Project

At Historicon, Sam announced that she wanted to make her own wargame.  We talked about figures, because she wants to paint.  I bought her a bag of Old Glory Cowboys to paint at a convention a couple of years ago.  She said she wanted to do something different.  Eventually, we hit on the idea of her using the teddy bears and toy soldiers I have painted from Eureka so she could concentrate on terrain.  She plans to use GASLIGHT for this game.

Sam painting roads

Sam painting roads

She plans to find miniature building blocks to use as barricades and defensive positions and jacks as obstacles.  In this picture she’s painting roads.  Note the colors are supposed to look like a game board.

Sam working on "trees"

Sam working on "trees"

The “trees” for her game are meant to look like candy on a stick.  This shot is of her painting them to look like peppermints.  The bases are wooden wheels from the craft store.  The tops of the trees are round sponges from the artist supply area of the craft store.

She asked that I NOT play in this game when she runs it the first time for the HAWKs.  She wants to do it on her own.  This should be cute.  I’m glad she’s showing an interest in the hobby.

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