The Phrinx are Coming!

My friend Ma’k Morin recently discovered the Star Rovers line of figures from Archive.  See his article here.

Ma’k molded some of them for me, since they are no longer in production.  The guy who has all the Archive molds, doesn’t have these, so they may be lost.  Last weekend, Ma’k gave me two ten-man units, which I painted up this weekend.  Sadly there is just the one pose of armored Phrinx.  To me, they have almost a Stormtrooper look to them, so I decided to paint them in white.

I started by priming them in white and then giving them a black wash with Citadel Nuln Oil.  I then dry brushed them again with white.  These figures are definitely 1980s crispness, so the dry brushing didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked.  I then painted the weapons and backpacks, choosing to leave the various tubes white to match the armor.

The final result was okay.  I am reasonably happy with how they turned out, and they are ready for action in my next Combat Patrol(TM): Science Fiction game.