Frostgrave Game

A few of us have been involved in a Frostgrave campaign.  I am going to miss the next session, and then I heard that Don and Chris were planning on a Frostgrave demo / recruiting event at Critical Hit hobbies in Bel Air.  I said I might be able to come, since my wife was working, and Chris suggested that I bring my band from the campaign, since I am going to miss the next event.  This gave me a chance to remain competitive for the campaign, by not missing a game, and earning some experience.

For me, the game began poorly, with me missing all but one of my first several attempts to cast spells.  I was in a good position, near four treasures, and I quickly grabbed two.  Then one of the new players fired at my crossbowman with two of his, killing mine.  I retaliated by sending an Elemental Ball at him.  This was a spell I learned from a Grimoir found in my last game.  I needed a 12 to be successful, but I missed by 6.  I decided to go for it, but expending 6 health to make the spell work.  It landed between the two enemy crossbowmen, killing them both.  The player then stayed away from me for the rest of the game, choosing to focus elsewhere.  I eventually ended the game with three treasures.  I was ready to grab a fourth, but the game ended before I was able to do so.  I had fun, and I think the two new players had fun as well.  One even bought a copy of the book.