The Black Jackals with Combat Patrol

The setup for the first scenario in Brian’s campaign based on the Black Jackals books by Ian Gales.

This morning I received an Email from Brian Ivers, a Combat Patrol player in Colorado about the first game in a campaign he is running based on the books The Black Jackals by  Ian Gales (  He kindly gave me permission to repost his battle report on my blog.  The campaign begins at the Driel Canal in Belgium in June 1940.  Lieutenant Lamg’s platoon from the 51st Highlanders is ordered to defend this bridge and blow it up if the Germans try to cross.

Lamb’s platoon of three sections set up on either side of the canal. The Boys anti-tank rifle was located in a building next to the bridge. Each section had a Bren.

Refugees fleeing the German advance make life difficult for both sides. Brian used French civilians and a few trucks to represent them. Brian used a green deck to control their movements.

Brian mixed in some random events, like a Stuka attack, reinforcements, communications breakdowns, etc.  When a random event occurred, he rolled on a special table he made to determine what happened.  The Combat Patrol Activation Deck includes optional cards to trigger Game Master and Random events.

As the Germans advance, they have a limited line of fire. The Boys ATR only has a penetration of 2, but it is enough to make the Germans cautious.
The Germans lead with their motorcycle reconnaissance element. The ATR scores a hit and incapacitates to Germans. “The Jerries know we’re here now, boys,” Lamb says.
The Germans unload their trucks and advance using the buildings as cover.

A Stuka attack misses the men on the British side of the bridge.  Refugees race across to the British side of the bridge.  Lamb wants to blow the bridge, but he doesn’t want to kill innocent civilians.

German armor and halftracks advance. German infantry is infiltrating into the houses and firing on the British.

Lamb gets a radio message to withdraw.

Lamb blows the bridge. Only three civilians are killed. The Germans lose a motorcycle and a half track in the explosion.
The bridge needs repair. The Jackals begin their journey back to the regiment.