Recently Completed Ozz Figures

The race to get all my Ozz figures painted for Cold Wars 2020 is over. Last night I completed the last four figures. The other HAWKs are still working to get across the finish line, but since they are two hours away from the convention instead of 15, they have another day.

Quadling brigade commander riding a wild boar.

Russ sent me four sample Quadling cavalrymen to preview. We haven’t received all the mounted commanders for the infantry and cavalry regiments, so I decided to repurpose these samples as regimental and brigade commanders.

Central Province Quadlings with a regimental commander, who is vain enough to carry his own standard.

This is what an infantry and cavalry regiment in Wars of Ozz is supposed to look like: five bases plus a mounted leader. The regimental commander is really mostly for aesthetics in the rules, but doesn’t a unit look cool this way?!

Northern Province Quadlings with regimental commander.

I really like the looks of these “big battalions.” It reminds me a little of In a Grand Manner.

Southern Province Quadlings with regimental commander.
Size comparison of the four major Wars of Ozz nationalities.

On the Facebook page and on some of the on-line fora, there have been questions about figure size. The range is nominally 28mm; however, the different nationalities are different sizes. From left to right in the picture you see Munchkins, Gillikins, Quadlings, and Winkies. The Winkies are probably the closest to 28mm, with the Munchkins and Gillikins being of smaller stature and the Quadlings being beefier and taller.

We are running FOUR Wars of Ozz demonstration / participation games at Cold Wars 2020 this weekend. One is Friday evening, and there are a morning, afternoon, and evening game on Saturday. Give the rules a try and see what a mass of Wars of Ozz figures look like on the table.