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Barrage 2018 is only ONE day away

This one soldier is headed to Barrage 2018 in ONE day.

Don’t miss:

  • TWO days of gaming
  • TWO Flames of War tournaments
  • The largest ADLG tournament east of the Mississippi
  • Seventy miniatures events
  • Many kid-friendly games
  • Spacious, free parking
  • Food on premises at a reasonable rate and good food options nearby
  • Friendly game masters
  • The Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (HAWKs)
  • The guys from LittleWarsTV
  • The best small convention in this part of the country

This one soldier is leading his men to Barrage 2018 in ONE day

See www.hawks-barrage.org for more details and to sign up.


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