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Preparing for my Cold Wars “Tales of the Golden Monkey” Game

I will be running a GASLIGHT game at Cold Wars.  It involves teams of explorers trying to find treasure.  Most of the map will be empty except for the jungle.  As the teams move into the jungle, I will add terrain pieces.  The players will have cards they can play on each other to have other teams run into wild animals, natives, monsters, etc.

Team 1: Teddy Roosevelt and some odd explorers.

Team 2: Jake Cuter and some Americans.

Team 3: The sergeants from Gunga Din and some friends.

Team 4: Bing, Bob, Dorothy, and the Andrews Sisters of Mercy.

Some native fun that must be stopped.

Team 5: the Germans.

Team 6: The Brits.

Team 7: Italians.

Team 8: French Foreign Legion.

Will the players rescue Amelia Earhart?

Will the players pry the eyes out of this idol?

Or will they ransack this temple?

More importantly, what will be guarding these locations?

Stay tuned…


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