Pulp Science Fiction Fighters

This weekend I completed a unit of alien-looking fighters from War-games Supply Dump.  This is part of my ongoing build up of forces for using Combat Patrol for science fiction games, both hard science fiction and pulp science fiction.

I like the way these figures came out.  I primed them in white, because I had thought I might paint them in traditional white space suits, but I decided I wanted something a little more colorful to go with those nice green faces.

Sally 4th Norman Church

I completed the Sally 4th Norman church this weekend.  The kit was in some ways more involved and in some ways less difficult than the corner shops I described in an earlier blog post.  A challenge I have with kit building is a distinct lack of patience.  The Sally 4th kits have clear, step-by-step instructions, but I still made a couple of rookie mistakes by jumping ahead and not being patient.  The final result, I think, is quite nice.

From this shot you can see that the windows are translucent stained glass printed on plastic and ready to cut out and glue to the windows.  These are made even more attractive by the glazing and the brick framing.  Also, you can see that all the building comes with doors.  In this case, I made hinges from masking tape.

I like the buttresses along the older section of wall.  These buildings take less time to construct and overlay the photorealistic sheets of paper than to assemble and paint a traditional MDF building.  Even this buildings that come “pre painted” don’t look nearly as good as these when completed.

You can see the main entrance to the church from the tower.  With this one I had a little trouble getting to roof to fit.  It was a little too snug, but I was able to address this with a little bit of sanding on one end of the roof.  No difficulty!

The kit even comes with photorealistic appliqués for the entire inside of the church.  I really like the look of the brick floor.  I typically don’t bother to paint the interiors of my buildings, but with the photorealistic appliqués, making the inside look nice was a snap.

One of the attractive features for me is the fact that the church comes with three different tops for the tower to represent three different historical periods.

As with the other photorealistic Sally 4th buildings, there are no exposed tabs.  This helps them look terrific on the table.

In summary, I think the kit is a terrific value.  The final result of assembly and gluing the photorealistic appliqués was better than any other MDF building I have constructed.  It looks better than pre-painted buildings, and it took less time to get ready for gaming than if I had had to paint the building myself.  I enjoy painting terrain pieces, but this is a very easy way to get a terrific effect on the gaming table, and I can divert my limited painting time to figures, while still creating a nice looking table.