Combat Patrol(TM) at Historicon 2016

There will be several Combat Patrol(TM) games at Historicon next weekend.  Sign up for one of the games, come by to see if there is space, or just come by to watch how this elegant system works.

Thursday, 1400:  The Battle Before the Battle (GM: Duncan Adams):  Battalions formed; lines dressed; banners flying. The drums start and one line begins moving, steadily closing toward the inevitable, violent collision. But before the lines close there is another battle which must be fought first – between the closing lines. Today we fight that battle of light infantry struggling to weaken the enemy’s line while protecting its own.

This scenario uses the under-development Napoleonic supplement for Combat Patrol.  This is really cool scenario that concentrates on the skirmish fight between two formed units.  Lots of fun.

Friday, 1400:  The Streets of Stalingrad (GM: Eric Schlegel):  22 Oct 1942.  Elements of the Infanterie Division 389, supported by armor and engineers with flame throwers and demo charges, are ordered to assault the Barrikady and Krasny Oktyabr factories held by remnants of the 138th & 308th Rifle Divisions.

Friday, 1900:  Star Wars Combat Patrol (GM: Buck Surdu filling in for Greg Priebe):  On an ancient, war-torn world, a rebel strike team searches desperately for relics that can aid their cause. Little do they know that the forces of the Galactic Empire are already on their trail.  The card-based rule system of Combat Patrol comes to a galaxy far, far, away. Will you fight for freedom in the galaxy, or will you embrace the power of the Dark Side?

This scenario uses mods that Greg created to represent Star Wars weapons in the Combat Patrol rules.  This is a battle between Rebel troopers and Stormtroopers, not one or two main characters where the troopers die in droves.

Saturday, 0900:  Kerfuffle at the Crossroads (GM: Buck Surdu):  An American patrol advances toward an important crossroads and bumps into a German patrol in 1944.  Both forces jockey for position and call for reinforcements.  Learn to play Combat Patrol.  Fight the battle, not the rules.

I am going to change this a little from what is in the PEL.  This game will involve a Germans force sent into the town to dismantle the roadblock, while the Americans try to stop them.  In the play test a couple of weeks ago it was a close run event.

Saturday, 1900:  Warsaw Uprising (GM:  Buck Surdu):  The Polish Resistance Home Army has risen up to eject the Nazis.  The uprising is timed to coincide with the Soviet advance, but the Soviets stop short and enable the Nazis to crush the resistance after 63 days of bitter fighting.  Learn to play Combat Patrol as a member of the resistance or the German army.