Beginnings of a Space Ship for Combat Patrol(TM): Science Fiction Skirmish

I have been collecting Apple TV and iPod boxes for a year or so.  Borrowing an idea from Eric and Andrew Goolander, I wanted to make a space ship interior that is made from separate rooms that are placed in different configurations for different games.  These boxes are all about 3.6 inches tall.  I then covered them with “textures” I downloaded from different sites on the Internet to decorate the walls and give them a good appearance.

I put textures on the inside and outside of the boxes.  I mostly completed several today, but I need to scrounge more boxes of the appropriate height.  I have a limited amount of space ship interior furnishings, but over the next few months I’ll be looking for more.

These are the ones I “mostly” finished this weekend.  I figure this is about a third of what I need.  I will also be building some bigger rooms for a cargo bay, engine room, etc.  These will be placed on a based made of “granny grating” over MDF boards.

Close Air Support for Look, Sarge, No Charts: Science Fiction

Around Christmas I found  a set of the Firefly miniatures on sale at our local hobby store.  I bought a box to make close air support units for the Science Fiction variant of Look, Sarge, No Charts that we are beginning to develop.  I like the shape of the firefly ship.  While very under-scale as a freighter, I think they look good as fighter bombers or gunships in a tactical game.

Blown Up Ships for X-Wing

I enjoy the X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight Games.  The add-ons are all about $15 or more.  I thought it would be interesting to have some blown-up ships to put on the table, but at $15, the ships for the game are just too expensive to cut apart.  The Matchbox micro machines ones are about the right size (a little small) and significantly cheaper.  I’ve had a couple of Tie fighters, X-wing fighters, and a Y-wing fighter on the project table for close to a year.  This weekend, I finally got around to making my blown-up ship markers.

White cotton batting to stuff a teddy bear
White cotton batting to stuff a teddy bear

I started with white cotton batting like you would use to stuff a toy.  I then spray painted it with black spray paint.  This usually works better if you tear it into about the size hunks you are going to use before spraying it.  Otherwise, when you pull the batting apart, there will still be white areas.

Cotton batting after spray painting with black paint
Cotton batting after spray painting with black paint

In this picture the batting looks lighter than in person.  I often highlight the black batting with a light spray paint of gray paint from about two feet away to provide some highlights.

I think used a hot glue gun to attack wads of the painted batting to flight stands.

I cut the micro machines ships in half and then hot glued them to opposite ends of the batting to give the appearance that the ship exploded out from the center.

I think the effect is good.  I plan to place them on the table for one turn when a ship is destroyed in the game.  As a house rule, when a ship flies through this marker, they will take an attack with one or two red dice.



I recently found these ducks on Ebay.  They are old figures from the 1970’s I think.  The sculpting is of that vintage.  I couldn’t resist painting them in Donald Duck colors.  I am collecting a fair number of duck figures.