Last Tank Battalion for LSNC: Sci Fi

I completed another tank battalion and a few attachments for Look, Sarge, No Charts: Near Future and Science Fiction.  This battalion came from an ad hoc hodgepodge of things.  The vehicle above is from a set of small Russian kits I found on Ebay.  They seem to make these kits in both 1:48 (I have some for Combat Patrol) and 1:144 (for LSNC).

You can see the battalion laid out in this picture.

Most of the vehicles in this battalion began as Epic Warhammer 40k.  I then picked up a bunch of turrets from Iron Wind Metals at a convention and glued them to the Games Workshop hulls.  While it is clear how these vehicles began life, I think the effect is pretty good.  It will make a nice “irregular” force.

The vehicles across the top of the pictures above and below are not Games Workshop.  I got them in a flea market at a convention.  They are for a science fiction game I hadn’t hear of before, and I don’t think they or the game are still available.  I wouldn’t mind a few more of them.

Below are a few more of those Russian-made kits.  They provide a number of parts that are used to customize the vehicles.

These Russian-made kits are not assigned to any of the tank battalions.  I intend to use them as attachments from higher headquarters to weight the main effort or help balance the game somewhat.