Work Continues on Hoth Boards

A doctored view of some figures set in the hangar entrance for the Hoth extravaganza.

I have continued to develop the terrain boards for our Combat Patrol battle of Hoth extravaganza for Historicon 2019.  This is a work in progress, because the rocks at the entrance of the hangar / cave still need to be painted.

A long shot of the battle boards. You can see the inside of the hangar through the opening.

The table will consist of 30 textured terrain boards that are two feet square.  Three of those boards represent the interior of the hangar (the gray you see in these photos).  The other 27 are winter.  On top of these boards we will place hills, rocks, and other scatter terrain.  You can see the black and gray rocks in some of these shots.  The rocks around the hangar entrance will look the same.