Gillikins and Gorillas

Gillikin infantry

This weekend, amid Christmas decorating, I completed my last unit of Gillikin infantry and a unit of lesser apes.

We normally decorate on Black Friday, but we spent Thanksgiving with my son at Ft. Rucker this year. So, we decorated the following weekend — without the added hands of two kids. This was made a little more difficult because we are in a new house and didn’t have habitual locations of our various decorations. But, I usually wake up very, very early, and so I managed to finish two units I had started last week along with some additional Gillikin leader figures.

Lesser apes
Some assorted Gillkin leaders to be inserted into the Sally 4th leader bases for Wars of Ozz

Next up in the painting queue are Fearsome Scarecrows and Professor NitPick and his mechanical tin men.