War Horse Con

Ed Duffy ran this terrific looking modern game using a set of rules he has been developing.  The Americans were advancing across this table to get to some objective on the far side.  I was busy running La Rothiere in the next room and didn’t get to play this, but from all the yelling from the next room, I gathered it was a lot of fun.  In the end the body count was very lopsided, but the “bad guys” won, because the Americans didn’t get to their objective.  According to Ed, they got bogged down shooting bad guys instead of focusing on their mission.

The second game of the day on this table was Sam’s GASLIGHT game.  It featured the Baker Street Irregulars, some other law enforcement types, and Sherlock Holmes facing a large band of bad guys.

This was the first time that Sam had run a GASLIGHT game.  He knew he wanted some puzzle solving.  I cautioned him in advance that when I’ve tried this before, the players soon figured out that a way to get each others clues is just to shoot your opponents, so it becomes a brawl.

Sam came up with something using puzzle pieces and scrabble tiles that were collected by moving round the table.  I was playing Duncan’s WWI game at this time, so I didn’t see how it worked, but according to Sam, it worked really well and the game didn’t turn into a shoot-em-up.

Sam has collected some really interesting terrain pieces.  They were a combination of IMEX, Pets-mart aquarium accessories, and Miniature Building Authority.  I think the table looked quite good.

I have it on good authority that Sam’s wife (pictured above) really had a good time, despite her appearance in this picture.  🙂

The first War Horse con of the year was a success!!