Blood and Swash Cards

Sample Cards
Sample Cards

I saw a link on The Miniatures Page not long ago about a print on demand shop,  I got the idea that for my pirate tavern fight convention games, it might be nice to have cards with pre-rolled stats.  In those games, using Blood and Swash, I usually have each player control one of each character class: Swashbuckler, Hero, Swordsman, and Man at Arms.  Over the holidays I photographed each of the pirate figures I use in those tavern fight games and then made these cards.  It took a few iterations with the company to get my cards to match the template for printing, but I’m really happy with the final product.

This photograph shows some figures along with their matching cards.  Note that each character class has a different colored label.  This is so I can quickly sort them into four stacks and have the players draw one from each stack to start a game.

In practice, I plan to get the hard cases used for collectable cards.  Each player will put his cards in one of those cases so he can use a grease pencil to mark off ammunition and hits.

I’m so happy with these cards that I’ve been thinking about other uses of custom cards.  A deck of 54 cards costs about $6.00 plus another $5.00 for shipping.  I made some mistakes on the first order.  Then I wanted to finish making cards for the rest of my pirates.  I just sent in another order for 108 cards, and the total order cost was something like $14.00.  The price is very reasonable.  I’m working on custom decks of cards for GMs of Look, Sarge games.