Beginnings of a Space Ship for Combat Patrol(TM): Science Fiction Skirmish

I have been collecting Apple TV and iPod boxes for a year or so.  Borrowing an idea from Eric and Andrew Goolander, I wanted to make a space ship interior that is made from separate rooms that are placed in different configurations for different games.  These boxes are all about 3.6 inches tall.  I then covered them with “textures” I downloaded from different sites on the Internet to decorate the walls and give them a good appearance.

I put textures on the inside and outside of the boxes.  I mostly completed several today, but I need to scrounge more boxes of the appropriate height.  I have a limited amount of space ship interior furnishings, but over the next few months I’ll be looking for more.

These are the ones I “mostly” finished this weekend.  I figure this is about a third of what I need.  I will also be building some bigger rooms for a cargo bay, engine room, etc.  These will be placed on a based made of “granny grating” over MDF boards.