Additional Munchkin Units Painted

The focus the last two weeks has been on family holiday activities; however, in the mornings while other slept I did manage to get a few more Munchkin units painted — minus the mounted leaders which I do not yet have. These last units were painted almost exclusively with Contrast paints, as an experiment. I am happy with the results.

Colonel Sourdough’s regiment.
A slightly closer view of Colonel Sourdough’s regiment.

There are four named regiments in the Munchkin army: Colonels Ticktock, Sourdough, and Hardsole plus Zoraster the Wizard’s body guard.

Munchkin Landwher, which make up the bulk of the Munchkin army.
A closer look at the Munchkin Landwher

Note that Munchkin and Quadlings infantry regiments carry a national color as well as a regimental color.

A frontal view of Zoraster’s Body Guard.
The rear of Zoraster’s Body Guard.

I host a New Years Eve game for my gaming club, the Harford Area Weekly Kreigspeilers (HAWKs). Our second game tonight will feature the under-development Wars of Ozz rules in a Santa themed game. We will use those figures from the Blue Moon line that we have acquired, but most of the units will be filled by ersatz figures. I will try to post pictures of the game tomorrow.