This Weekend’s Projects

At Historicon I picked up all the new stuff from Pulp Figures that I didn’t already have.  Two sets were French Foreign Legion figures.  It appears that this well be the beginning of a new line of figures for Bob Murch.  All I know about the stereotypical Foreign Legion is Beau Geste and the Laurel and Hardy spoof, but I figured I could work these figures into a GASLIGHT game as a contingent.

As with all the Pulp Figures the animation and sculpting is superb.

I also finished this shark man from Bones II (I think).  This figure will find his way into a future undersea adventure game.

Multiverse Gaming Diner

I recently ordered a couple of kits from Multiverse Gaming in Poland.  I really like their kits.  The MDF is just a little thicker than others, and the kits are well designed.  In addition to the new Monarch Theater, which I haven’t assembled yet, I picked up the diner and a couple of smaller pieces.

The design of the kit is such that I could paint the red pieces (that look a little pink in these photos) separately from the silver pieces and then assemble the kit.  This made the painting extremely easy.  In fact, I spray painted the red and silver pieces.  After I assembled the kit, I then went over the red pieces with a dark pink dry brush to make it look a little more weathered.

That dry brushing step doesn’t show up in these pictures either.

In addition to the diner, I also put together these nice little mail boxes.  If I have a complaint about either kit, it is that on these the lettering was just outlined.  Since the writing was small, the outlined letters were difficult to paint.  I would have preferred lettering that was just engraved, rather than outlined.  I think they would have been easier to paint.

Both will make nice additions to my pulp town.